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5 June 2023 - 6 June 2023
's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
CTD-Match @Circular Textile Days

CTD-MATCH @Circular Textile Days in 's-Hertogenbosch

Meet your future sustainable / circular business partner in the international circular fashion & textile business

Welcome to the CTD-match. Following the footsteps of previously successful Circular Textile Days, Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) is delighted to invite you to the first edition of the CTD-Match @Circular Textile Days in 's-Hertogenbosch on Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th June 2023. The matchmaking meetings will be physical / on site at the EEN-Dexter and not on-line!

All CTD-Match participants need to buy a ticket at the Circular Textile Days via https://www.circulartextiledays.com/tickets.html


The Circular Textile Days is a business event that offers a great opportunity for meeting new partners in the sustainable textile business and for discovering and discussing innovative circular textile solutions.

The diversity of companies at the Circular Textile Days is great. For example, there are companies that focus on developing recycled yarn, circular design, reusing materials, product passports and assessing other companies for circularity. Among them are established names as well as young start-ups. In addition, visitors also include students, people who have been in the business for a long time or, on the contrary, brand owners, retailers or consumers who want to start circularity but don't know where to start.

Within this great group of potential business contacts, our CTD-Match sessions will allow participants to get together with the most promising business partners in pre-scheduled meetings.

Who will benefit most from this event:

  • Exhibitors of the Circular Textile Days
  • Textile refurbishing, chemical and mecanical recycling
  • Companies sorting/dismantling garments
  • Life Cycle Analyses (LCA)/footprint software/consultancy
  • Knowledge and research institutes
  • Corporate fashion
  • Healthcare textile
  • Public service/national security/service providers
  • Professional/safety wear
  • Interior textile
  • Sports/outdoor
  • Sustainable fashion labels and brands (garments/fashion/ accessories)
  • Designers
  • Sustainable textile and accessories’ manufacturing companies.
  • Retailers, distributors, sales agents, fashion stores
  • Sustainable E-commerce Platforms
  • PR Agency, Coaching, Marketing and Business consultants


  • Expand your international fashion network.
  • Meet potential business partners.
  • Initiate cross-border contacts and co-operations.
  • Pre-arranged 20 minute meetings.
  • Exhibitors of Circular Textile Days can also participate. We can relocate your meetings to your booth.
  • Interested parties can create a – free - profile by registering to the matchmaking.
  • Combine your visit to Circular Textile Days with the opportunity to meet potential business partners.
  • Get more insights in the sustainable/circular textile & fashion market.
  • Good for brand awareness in the international fashion market.
  • Have a quick (30 minutes) guided tour to discover the highlights at the fair. Starts every day at 10.00 AM, from MEET & Match area.

This matchmaking event brings together buyers, agents, companies/designers, suppliers, manufacturers, experts, investors and (recycling & sorting) service providers from a wide range of countries from all over around the world.

The first step towards the internationalisation of your enterprise is NETWORKING! 
Follow this interesting opportunity to generate new business contacts and contracts!

The organized 1:1 meeting(s) will take place on-site at the EEN-Dexter at Circular Textile Days in 's-Hertogenbosch. This is an easy way to meet potential cooperation partners. The 20 minute sessions provide enough time to build connections. When the time is up you can move on to your next session.

Conversations will be held in English. For more information please check: 'How it works'

How to Register:

  1. Use the Register Tab to insert your registration.
  2. Insert your contact details (don't forget to add the country number of your mobile phone), your profile's description and picture of you and logo related to your products.
  3. Choose the right keywords of your business ("Participant Types", "Organization Types" and "Areas of Activity").
  4. Please complete the "Marketplace section": This part will help you and other participants to find the right partner for meetings and you can upload pictures and video's of your product.
  5. Once registered you can select meetings from the participants list!
  6. Select clients you are interested in and click on request meeting.
  7. From your personal profile you will always have access to your personal 'Agenda' where you will find your meetings. Download the B2Match app to see your agenda.
  8. All CTD-Match participants need to buy a ticket at the Circular Textile Days via https://www.circulartextiledays.com/tickets.html

After your profile is validated, you can go through the amount of profiles of other participating parties and book an appointment with interesting professionals you would like to meet.

This time participants can schedule meetings themselves when requesting. A participant will choose a timeslot when requesting a meeting. The other participant can then accept or reject that meeting. Keep in mind that the timeslot is not conflicting with your visiting program of the Talks, Workshops and Pitches! If so you can reschedule yourself the meeting. If a meeting is pending it will expire after 7 days.

This b2b is organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency / Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) as member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and member of the Sector Group Textile, committed to bring European fashion and textile producers together to enhance opportunities and commercial partnerships finding partners for joint projects, exploring new markets as well as sharing knowledge, ideas, innovation and inspiration.

The Enterprise Europe Network, co-financed by the European Commission, is committed to support companies and entrepreneurs to grow and to innovate internationally with dedicated service of business development. 

EEN is active in more than 60 countries operating through 600 local partner organizations selected by the European Commission.

Closed since 6 June 2023
Location 's-Hertogenbosch, 1931 Congress Centre
Organised by
Participants 102
Meetings 70
Netherlands 58
Türkiye 10
Belgium 8
Switzerland 6
Germany 4
Spain 3
Poland 2
Denmark 2
Sweden 2
Bulgaria 2
France 1
Slovakia 1
North Macedonia 1
Romania 1
United Kingdom 1
United States 1
India 1
Total 104
Manufacturer 21
Consultant 17
Other 15
Start-Up 10
Brand / Label 8
Association / Agency / Branch organization 7
Textile recycler 4
Logistics 4
Authority / Government 4
Textile sorting 3
R & D Institution 3
Craftsman 2
Styling office 1
Wholesaler 1
Investor 1
Independent / Freelance 1
Web shop / E-commerce 1
Importer 1
Total 104
Profile views
Before event 1584
After event 120
Total 1704